Who We Are

Who We Are

DePrima Law was founded in 2004 with the objective of being more than just another law firm. Our attorneys have deep experience in the arenas of family law and estate planning, to be sure. But we also believe that our clients need more. Whether it’s going through a divorce, writing a will, or securing your children’s future, people need to know that their lawyer is there for the long haul. At DePrima Law, we’re here to be your life.

For over 18 years, DePrima Law has been there for the people of Buffalo. Whether your need is family law counsel or estate planning advice, reach out to us at (716) 638-2633 or contact us online to set up a consultation.

A Family Law Attorney for Life

When lawyers meet clients who need a family lawyer, that client is often going through a very difficult time in their life. They’re worried about their future and the future of their children. It’s not enough to simply give the client some forms or fill out their paperwork. Clients need their lawyer to really listen to what they need.

A good family law agreement has to be detailed–who gets custody of the kids and when? Who gets what in the property settlement? These are issues that require intense focus. Clients going through what can already be an emotionally difficult time, need the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their lawyer is drilling down into those details and securing the best possible settlement.

Clients in difficult family situations are often ready to get to a new phase in their life. That means doing whatever is possible to secure a settlement peacefully and efficiently–without compromising the quality of the agreement. Courts are, by definition, a place of confrontation. At DePrima Law, we’re skilled mediators. Our founding partner, Attorney Gina DePrima is a certified relationship coach. If there is any path to a settlement that can happen outside the courtroom, our goal is to find it.

DePrima Law wants to learn what’s most important to their clients and then stay with them through the years, always updating their plans and giving them legal peace of mind. Call our Buffalo office today at (716) 638-2633 or contact us online to set up a consultation.


An Estate Planning Attorney for Life

A lifetime relationship with our clients is no less important on the estate planning front. How often does a person write a will or set up a trust and then never hear from their lawyer again? By the time that person passes away, the heirs may find the documents to be completely outdated.
At DePrima Law, we want to work with our clients through the ups and downs of their life. The starting of a business might call for a revamping of the will. The same goes for the purchase and sale of property. Did the client come into important family heirlooms that they want passed down? We want to help them update their will accordingly.

The protection of children is an estate planning imperative. It starts when the children are still minors and issues of guardianship need to be addressed. As our kids become adults, we don’t stop worrying about them as parents. That means looking at the structure of an inheritance and how it’s distributed, to help protect an adult child’s best financial interest.

Finally, as life goes on, all of us have to think about our last wishes–not just for what happens to our property, but how we’ll be cared for in the event of mental or physical incapacitation. These aren’t easy subjects to talk about or even think about. At DePrima Law, we aim to build a personal relationship with our clients in the hopes of making that dialogue–and the protective legal documents that will follow–just a little bit easier.

No one comes to a lawyer’s office looking for a friend. But when friendship can flourish within the context of the professional relationship, it becomes easier for clients to share all that may worry them. That, in turn, makes it easier for the attorney to think creatively about possible solutions. When the lawyer and client have a partnership for life, everyone wins. That’s what we hope to have with you at DePrima Law.

Call DePrima Law today at (716) 638-2633 or contact us online to set up a consultation. 



Clients Share Their Stories

Protecting the Best Interests of You & Your Loved Ones
  • "I had to reorganize my estate plan after some life changes occurred and Gina helped out immensely. The whole process was simple, relatively fast, and now I have significantly more peace of mind in ..."
    Jonathan K.
  • "Gina is an excellent attorney. She is knowledgeable and caring. She has a realistic approach to matrimonial and child custody law, which allows you to get what is best for your personal situation. I ..."
  • "Gina DePrima was my lawyer for custodial and visitation matters. What I especially liked about Gina, is she would give me time to be scared and upset because of goings on and then she'd let me know ..."
  • "November 7, 2014 Gina provided great service throughout my case. She was personable and made me comfortable from our first meeting. Gina often contacted me after hours and could be reached through ..."
  • "The Best ! Whenever someone asks me if I know a good attorney, I answer with “ I know the Best”! Unfortunately, I have been in a couple situations, that in my wildest dreams I never thought would ..."
    Erik N.
  • Directly Working With Attorney DePrima
    You will work side-by-side with Attorney DePrima and receive follow-ups directly from her.
  • Advocating for Your Best Interests
    We're ready to litigate in a courtroom or speak to your needs and goals in a mediation room.
  • Focused On Solutions
    Our goal is to help you and your family reach an amicable resolution in a timely manner and protect the people you love and keep them out of court.

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