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14+ Years of Experience. Thousands of Cases Handled.

Attorney Gina DePrima is a well-qualified Buffalo divorce attorney who represents clients in all types of family law cases. She is well-versed with New York law and has worked extensively with the local court systems. Her focus is on providing a balanced approach to conflict and this is evident throughout her practice. She has more than 14 years of experience and has handled thousands of cases.

Helping You Find Common Ground

Gina works with parents and families to find more peaceful and beneficial resolutions in their family law cases. She provides intuitive guidance and support, not just legal advice. As a Conscious Uncoupling™ Coach, she walks her clients through the process of ending their marriage in a way that benefits both parties and helps them move forward. She also works with parents to learn how to co-parent, so that even after the marriage has ended they can work together and put the needs of the child first.

Advantages of Working with Attorney DePrima

  • She offers legal counsel in all areas of family law
  • She is specially trained in collaborative law
  • She can provide alternative approaches to divorce and helps assess all your options
  • She provides comprehensive guidance through legal processes, paperwork, and red tape
  • She is a neutral third-party in mediation
  • She offers representation in settlements or trial
  • She is trusted by the judges to represent children and serve as a parenting coordinator
  • She has in-depth knowledge of state laws
  • She is dedicated to protecting your rights
  • She seeks to reduce stress, especially in families with children

Highly Rated and Widely Trusted

Gina DePrima is a compassionate individual who cares about the outcome her clients receive. That is why she has dedicated so much of her effort to not just knowing family law, but to finding alternative solutions.