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Don’t Fight in Court – Find Solutions in Your Divorce

Because divorce involves establishing agreements regarding sensitive matters like custody, support, and the division of property, it can be a difficult undertaking. It does not have to be a disruptive experience, however. At DePrima Law, we take a balanced approach to conflict through divorce mediation. We know there is no one-size-fits-all legal solution for your family, just like there is no one-size-fits-all human being. Buffalo divorce mediator Gina DePrima is here to help you reach solutions that build a foundation for a happier, more peaceful future.

With divorce mediation, you and your spouse will typically work without attorneys. You will work instead with a mediator, a neutral third party who will listen to your concerns, help you communicate with one another, and aid you in reaching resolutions to your disputes. With mediation, one or both parties can work together in negotiating the terms. Attorney Gina DePrima is a mediator for the Center for Dispute Resolution and Justice and offers her mediation services in Buffalo and across the surrounding areas in New York.

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The Benefits of Divorce Mediation vs. Litigation

Divorce mediation can offer the following benefits:

  • You will spend less money than you would on court proceedings and attorney fees.
  • You can reach resolutions that address your family’s unique situation and needs. In a contested divorce, a judge will make these decisions. That judge will not have the intimate knowledge of your family and your relationship to make the same decisions you and your spouse may make with a mediator’s help.
  • You can reach a resolution far faster than you would in court. Instead of waiting months for the next available court date, you can set up mediation appointments and have matters resolved in just a few sessions (or fewer, depending on the situation).
  • There is greater confidentiality in divorce mediation proceedings. In court, you will argue and present your case in front of a judge, court employees, and other litigants and attorneys. Mediation is private and confidential.
  • Your children will be better protected from conflict, as they will not be required to attend court dates or testify in court.

Experience a more peaceful divorce and greater post-divorce stability with a Buffalo divorce mediator to guide you. Contact our firm at (716) 638-2633 to get started.

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