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Divorce is never easy, but you can minimize the disruption to your life if you take the right approach. At DePrima Law, you can divorce with dignity. We offer a balanced approach to conflict in order to help you find happiness and peace after divorce. As a certified Conscious Uncoupling™ Coach, respected mediator, and a skilled attorney with more than 14 years in practice, Gina DePrima can offer you guidance in filing for divorce, she can provide support, and the sound legal counsel you need. We focus on finding solutions that will set the foundation for a better future – for you, your children, and your ex-spouse.

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New York Grounds for Divorce

If you want to file for divorce in New York, there are two requirements that you have to meet. First, you have to meet a residency requirement. Second, you must have grounds for filing for divorce.
The residency requirement stipulates that:

  • You can file for divorce if either you or your spouse lived in New York for at least two years
  • You can file for divorce if you or your spouse lived in New York for one year and you got married in the state of New York, or lived in New York as a couple, or if the grounds for divorce occurred in New York
  • You can file for divorce if you and your spouse are both residents of New York and the grounds for your divorce occurred in New York

Grounds for divorce in New York include:

Abandonment, Adultery, Cruel and Inhuman Treatment, or Imprisonment: If you file for divorce on any of these grounds, you will be required to provide proof of such treatment or behavior to the court.

Irretrievable Breakdown: Before you can file on the grounds of irretrievable breakdown, all of your financial affairs need to be in order and your relationship with your spouse must have been irretrievably broken for at least six months.

Separation: Before you can file on the grounds of separation, you and your spouse must have lived separately for at least one year and you must have filed a separation agreement.

Taking a Healthy, Balanced Approach to Divorce

If you are filing for divorce in NY, attorney Gina DePrima is specially prepared to help if you are seeking a balanced solution for you and your spouse. With the methods employed as a certified Conscious Uncoupling™ Coach, combined with her legal knowledge as a divorce attorney and mediator, she is committed to helping clients:

  • Benefit from a more peaceful and graceful divorce.
  • Spend less money on legal fees.
  • Spend less time reaching a resolution.
  • Reach solutions that provide a foundation of good faith and fairness.
  • Experience less strain and stress through divorce proceedings.

Attorney DePrima is ready to help you tackle all types of divorce including:

If you are facing divorce or considering filing for divorce in New York, get in touch with DePrima Law right away.

Certified Conscious Uncoupling™ Coach

What is Conscious Uncoupling™? Developed by marriage and family therapist Katherine Woodward Thomas, this breakthrough method was developed to help people turn painful breakups, separations, and divorces into experiences that leave them ready to face life anew. Conscious Uncoupling™ offers a healthy, balanced approach to divorce that can have numerous benefits for spouses and their children.

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