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If you are in a contested divorce, you and your spouse will technically not agree on at least one important provision of your divorce. Since a divorce case cannot proceed unless all parties are in agreement, the case becomes contested and could ultimately require courtroom intervention to solve.

Here at DePrima Law, we believe that contested divorces do not have to become legal battles. Using a holistic, cooperative approach, we hope to steer you and your spouse towards an amicable result, ending the contest without heated arguments and fights. Attorney Gina Marie DePrima is known throughout Buffalo as an attorney who can handle complex cases with sensitivity and dignity. Her background as a mediator and co-parenting coach allows her to confidently guide clients to friendlier, better case results.

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Disagreements That Can Make Your Divorce Contested

As mentioned, you and your spouse need to fully align on how to move forward with your divorce, or else it will become contested. Your goal should not necessarily be to avoid conflicts during your divorce. After all, your best interests are important and should be respected. Instead, Attorney DePrima can show you how to work cooperatively with your spouse during mediation to hopefully resolve all conflicts before they escalate to divorce litigation, which will increase legal fees and raise your stress levels.

A few common reasons why divorces become contested are:

  • Child custody: Each parent in a divorce believes they know what will be best for their children. It is uncommon for each parent to have the same child custody arrangement in mind, though. If you and your spouse cannot agree on a fair division of child custody and parental responsibilities, then your divorce will become contested.
  • Child support: It is also quite common for divorces to become contested due to disagreements involving child support. The noncustodial parent will likely be ordered to pay child support each month to the custodial parent for the purpose of ensuring their child gets all the care, support, and resources they need to be happy and healthy.
  • Spousal maintenance: In New York, spousal maintenance is used to keep the spouse of lesser income financially afloat after divorce. It is not always assigned in a divorce case, but it is common. You should anticipate the need for spousal maintenance and work out a fair amount with your spouse using our help, minimizing the chances of it resulting in a contested divorce.
  • Property division: How you split marital property in your divorce must be equitable or fair, not necessarily equal. When one spouse feels like they are getting less than their “fair share” of assets, a contested divorce is sure to follow.

Your Future Can Be Clear & Peaceful

Knowing that your spouse might challenge what you want out of your divorce can be intimidating, frustrating, and stressful. How you react does not need to be, though. Team up with DePrima Law and work with our Buffalo contested divorce attorney to discover a better path with fewer fights and more contentment.

Focusing on the ideals of cooperation and reasonableness, Attorney Gina DePrima is here to turn your contested divorce into a problem of the past. During mediation, for example, she can act as a neutral mediator who guides meaningful conversations between you and your spouse, during which the terms of your divorce are decided. You do not need to grit your teeth and prepare to fight because the whole purpose of mediation is avoiding unnecessary conflict while pursuing a comfortable future for you both.

We’re confident our holistic approach to divorce will work for you. Contact us at (716) 638-2633 now to learn more.


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