Co-Parenting Coaching

Co-Parenting Coach

Helping Parents Find Balance in Shared Custody Agreements

Divorce, custody, support, and other family law matters affecting children have the potential to cause considerable stress. They can threaten your relationship with your children and your ex-spouse and can have lasting financial consequences that only bring more heartache. At DePrima Law, we want to help you find lasting resolutions to these issues so you, your children, and your spouse can face a more peaceful future together.

As a co-parenting coach, Attorney Gina Marie DePrima, Esq. works to provide practical and intuitive guidance to parents who share the rights and responsibilities of raising a child or children. Co-parent coaching can help parents avoid common traps and pitfalls that could cause a simple misunderstanding to escalate to a full-on courtroom battle. You and your ex-spouse most likely want what’s best for your child or children, and co-parent coaching can help you reach agreements that work.

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When to Consider Co-Parent Coaching

Divorce is difficult, and parenting after divorce is also particularly complex. The intricate issues that can come up even years after a divorce can derail a solid co-parenting plan. 

You may want to consider a co-parenting coach if you are facing any of the following issues:

  • Communication between parents has broken down.
  • One or both parents are frustrated with the current visitation schedule.
  • There are disagreements regarding education or religious preferences.
  • One parent intends to remarry.
  • Children wish to alter the current visitation plan.
  • Serious health care needs have come to light.

Continued conflict, arguments, and disagreements can take an emotional toll on both parents, but this can also negatively affect the well-being of the children. Kids benefit when afforded the opportunity to maintain a strong relationship with both parents, and a strong co-parenting plan is a way to do that.

The role of a co-parenting coach is to provide solutions for seemingly impossible disagreements. When at an impasse regarding a major issue pertaining to the children, a co-parenting coach can help a family move forward without the need for litigation.

Benefits of Conscious Co-Parent Coaching

You can get skilled assistance with problem-solving and conflict resolution with a co-parenting coach by your side. When you work with Gina DePrima, you will receive compassionate co-parenting support throughout every stage of your divorce.

There are many advantages to be experienced with co-parent coaching:

  • Clarification of what is keeping you stuck in conflict.
  • Movement toward more personal power and alignment in your co-parenting relationship.
  • Clearing and releasing any blocks to your success in co-parenting.
  • Reading the energy so we have a clear understanding of the situation.
  • Freedom from being mired in the competition and pain of conflict.
  • Long-term success due to our heart-centered, child-centered approach.

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