She gave up her career for the one she loves

Team Gisele?

She gave up her career and put it on hold to become a full-time mom and wife. This couldn't have been any small feat, especially when you consider she's the wife of the GOAT. Think about it...even amateur athletes have demanding schedules and specific daily routines from food choices, food preparation, meal timing, workouts, all of the travel and demands on their physical and mental bodies, not to mention having to deal with setbacks. In her case, their setbacks and struggles are on a global stage.

For her, she was the supporter, the rock, the foundation for the GOAT, all while playing second fiddle and putting her career and personal fame on hold. The story goes that he was going to retire, so she could have her turn while she's still got it. And so he could be around more, as a father for the kids and as her support and rock, like she has been for him.

Team Brady?

For him, life on the field is running out. It's his first and probably only true love. You only get to be the GOAT with total devotion. He might think that Gisele knew that going in, it was all part of the package and that he tried to provide all the support he could. After all, she enjoys quite a lavish lifestyle, so how can she complain? He can't offer, and she can't enjoy that unless he's working, or so he may be thinking.

How about Both or Neither?

I'm making many assumptions, but after 18 years of listening to divorcing couples with the same issues, pain in their heart, regrets, helpless feelings, hurts and loneliness, let's say I've heard it all. I know everyone has their unique story and set of facts, but trust me when I tell you, the themes don't change.

We remarkably all experience the same kinds of pain regarding relationships and separation.

So what's the answer? Team Brady or Team Giselle?

My answer is neither or both. I'm sure that Tom speaks the truth from his perspective, and Gisele does the same. The truth is elusive, relative to each person's perception and attitude. The only absolute truth as I see it is they are no longer aligned in a happy, healthy way and that their relationship is no longer serving their interests. And This is just what happens in life because we are ever-changing and evolving human beings.

So what good does pointing the finger do, or choosing a side?

What good can come from having to prove you're right?

There's a huge cost financially, emotionally, and spiritually to being right. And this attitude starts the battle and forces people to lawyer up and march into court for a war where everyone loses.

Two heads are generally better than one, and no one knows a relationship better than the couple, so why not mediate? The relationship began with mutual respect; and despite all the heartache, it's worth it, in my opinion, to find that level of respect again to dissolve the relationship in an amicable, peaceful way that creates a strong foundation for each person's future; rather than setting them up for despair that lasts for years or never ends.

Especially for parents because the family survives divorce; it's only the marriage that dies.

Couples that choose to separate through the mediation process are doing themselves the greatest favor because it saves them money and reduces stress and frustration. It allows them to be in more control of their future. It allows each person to have input into how they will dissolve their relationship and continue to live their lives in the future.

This is very different than the court process, where each person- by its very nature- gives up control and leaves their life in the hands of a stranger in a black robe.

If you or anyone you know is having marital difficulties, we would love to discuss it with you. Book a mediation consultation to learn how we can help you keep control over your life and your future and resolve your relationship in a way that sources peace and a more positive outcome.   Book Your Mediation Consultation Now with attorney Gina Marie DePrima, your Certified Personal Family Lawyer©

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