Podcast: SOS For Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

Co-Parenting with a Narcissist is almost an oxymoron, but in truth is a reality for many. In this episode, I explore the root of a narcissist's behavior and suggest alternatives for creating a better emotional response. A narcissist thrives on stimulating an emotional reaction. Generally a negative reaction. They pride themselves on being the puppeteer and keeping the other parent on strings. The trick to success is to cut the strings.

We have more control over our emotions than we think or often give ourselves credit for. We are participating in our reality by the expression of our emotions. When a parent responds to a narcissist's actions with anger, frustration and other non-beneficial feelings, they fall prey to the narcissist which only furthers the cycle and destroys their sense of peace and sanity.

Choosing the opposite emotion for one's own sanity helps to stop the cycle, or at least change one's experience and reality. Instead, consider gratitude and compassion. Tune in for more details on how....