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When children are stuck in the middle of a divorce

You probably hoped you would beat the odds and that you and your spouse would live happily ever after. Reality can be cruel, and now you are facing a divorce. You may also be getting the feeling that your spouse is going to complicate the custody issue, and he or she may already have filed for sole custody.

Keys to Rember When Choosing a Lawyer, Part 2

Thumbnail image for Choose the Right lawyer (1).pngThe Intangibles that your Lawyer brings to the table are perhaps the most important to consider in the area of Divorce and Custody. By intangibles, I mean the personality of your potential lawyer; the outlook of your potential lawyer; or your potential lawyer's philosophy and approach to resolving divorce and custody matters. You may think you want a "bulldog," but it's important to dig deeper than that. The Intangibles of Vibe, Philosophy, Perspective.

Keys to Remember when Choosing a Lawyer, Part 1

Choose the Right lawyer (1).pngOf course, the first question on everyone's mind when served with divorce or custody papers (or when starting an action), is "how much is this gonna cost me." Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for any lawyer to give you a definite answer, especially in the area of divorce and custody. The reason being is that there are just too many unknown variables. One thing for sure, however, is the quicker you and your spouse or partner can reach an agreement, then the less money it should cost you. So what goes into a typical fee?  


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