Have You Tried Collaborative Law?

Our firm does not believe in a one-size-fits all approach to every family law or divorce case. If you need an attorney in Buffalo, our approach balances aggressive advocacy with reasoned judgment.

In some cases, families and divorcing couples can benefit from working out issues through collaborative family law. This is an alternative, out-of-court way to work past disagreements and negotiate resolutions to the matters related to your family disputes or to ending your marriage.

What To Expect When Using Collaborative Law For Your Divorce Or Family Issue

We'll meet with you and your spouse (or other family member) to discuss your ideal outcome on important issues for your family. In a divorce, for instance, those issues could include child support and custody, division of property, and visitation.

Collaborative law often involves negotiations that are centered on good faith and fairness to focus on positive results. This method of handling family conflict has become more popular in the last two decades as a way to reduce the financial strain and personal stress of fighting in court.

DePrima Law Has A Passion For Collaborative Law

It is in your best interest to ensure you have an attorney who wholeheartedly supports your goals, and has thorough knowledge and experience in the collaborative law process.

Not only does Gina DePrima have special training in collaborative law in the Buffalo, New York, area, our firm is passionate about helping our clients find peace and move past pain. In addition, Gina DePrima is a member of the WNY Collaborative Law Group.

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