Divorce and Co-Parenting Coach

Conscious Co-Parenting Coach

Divorce, custody and other disputes involving your children with an ex can be stressful, scary and strife with disagreements and anger. A co-parenting coach can help keep you out of court and guide you to creative solutions for more peace of mind and balance.

Our clients are looking for help with problem-solving and peaceful resolution. We offer guidance, support and information to help clients conciously co-parent.  You can look to us for help in seeing a different solution and doing what is best for your kids.  We take a heart-centered, child-centered approach, with a focus on long term success.

Let us help you clarify what is keeping you stuck in conflict and move you toward more personal power and alignment in your co-parenting relationship.  We can look into the situation or person (s), read the energy, and clear any blocks to your success.  Practical and Intuitive Guidance to Consciously Co-Parent.

Divorce with Heart; Divorce with Dignity Coach

Going Through A Rough Divorce? Don't be stuck in the adversarial process of conflict, competition, and pain.  Let your attorney handle the legal negotiations while we help you clarify your family goals and intentions.   We can guide you in clearing and releasing the blocks that are holding you back from successful resolution. Our goal is to support you in building a strong fondation for a better future.

Court-Appointed Parent Coordinator

Judges in New York state regularly choose our firm to serve as a parent coordinator in especially challenging divorces where the children could be suffering from an extreme amount of conflict.

Through a court order, you can be referred to a parenting coordinator who is a lawyer. You also can be referred through the Erie County Family Court, state Supreme Court or Niagara County courts.

Support Before, During, and After your Legal Matter

Not only do we have special training for this position but the experience to help ex-partners find ways to successfully share parenting for the sake of their kids. We've seen how kids can suffer when parents continuously return to court with disputes or fail to comply with existing orders.