Finding A Solution In The Best Interest Of The Child

Whether you are involved in a divorce or are embroiled in some other family conflict or relationship involving children, you want to work with an attorney who understands how courts think with respect to children. We make it our job to help you and others work together for the sake of a child. There are lifelong benefits to a child when you can do so.

Even after the resolution of a family dispute, new issues with children can arise down the road as circumstances change. Maybe one parent wants to move out of the area with the children. We have experience finding resolutions in these difficult circumstances.

When Parents Can't Agree On The Child's Best Interests, Everyone Suffers

We are a solutions-focused firm in Williamsville helping families move past destructive disagreements and toward a better future.

One study showed that a majority of children knew one parent wanted more time with them, but also knew the other parent opposed it. That kind of stress is harmful to children. Sustained conflict between parents can lead to poor outcomes for children, such as drug and alcohol abuse or behavior problems.

Contact Our Firm And Take The First Step Toward A Better Future

Finding solutions with your children in mind are the foundation for a better future.

We can help you move past anger that could be detrimental to you and your family's future happiness. Our firm has more than a decade of experience representing clients in child custody and child support. We can also serve as your attorney in paternity cases.

Our reasoned approach, balanced with aggressive advocacy, helps guide you to solutions to meet your goals for yourself and your children.

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